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Projections have Seattle poised for more growth in the future meaning housing shortages will likely continue for a number of years. It's paramount to work with an agent who is attentive and adaptive to the ever-changing market. 

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April 15, 2019

Seattle Minute Market Update (March 2019)

Spring home buying season is here! Seattle median values are outpacing gains in inventory.

We're still down year-over-year compared to values last year, but we are up substantially from the beginning of the year and that will remain the case for at least a few more months.


April 8, 2019

Seattle Online home evaluation estimates. The good, bad, and mostly ugly.

How accurate are the online home estimates?

They've certainly improved over time, but does this really empower home buyers and sellers?



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April 1, 2019

Seattle HOA FAQ

Breaking down Home Owner Association (HOA) dues.

HOA dues are a part of condo living. We all understand that.

But how are those dues determined?

Does having lower dues really mean a better deal as a buyer?

Let's break these down.



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March 19, 2019

How to Win a Bidding War in Seattle

It's Q1, which means Seattle area buyers are likely engaged in fierce bidding wars against each other.

Watch and listen for the 4 key ways to strengthen your offer to stand out from the rest.



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March 13, 2019

Capital Gains Taxes in Seattle real estate

It's tax season time (sigh...).

Are you going to be subject to any capital gains taxes this year?

What are capital gains?

How might I be exempt?


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March 9, 2019

Market Minute for February 2019 Recap

Market Minute for February 2019 Recap!

Watch the video to learn where Seattle area home and condo prices have landed in February of 2019.

I think it's the beginning of another appreciation ramp up.



Feb. 6, 2019

Seattle Real Estate Market Minute February 2019

We've just gotten past the first month of the year and what does the Seattle area real estate market look like thus far?

Still slowing down?

Not so fast, my friend!


Jan. 24, 2019

Story time! Recent interaction with a buyer who asked for half of my commission.

How do you respond when someone, who you're not charging any money to advise, asks you for a piece of your commission?


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Jan. 23, 2019

Seattle Home inspections. To do, or not to do...

Why should a buyer do a home inspection?

When should they not?

What about sewer inspections?

How important are those?



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Jan. 22, 2019

Seattle area real estate stats for December 2019

Check out how we ended the year with appreciation, median sale price, and what 2019 has given us so far. Thanks for watching!